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The regular monthly meeting of the County Commission will be Monday, March 25th at 7pm in the Courthouse in Decaturville. 

The Mayor has announced several items on the agenda for discussion and decision, including:

1. Approving the purchase of a Solid Waste Roll-Off Truck. I am told that this is especially needed in light of the flooding disaster. 

2. A report on the Debt Obligation from the loan approved last fall for $975,000. This loan was taken to pay operating expenses for the County during this fiscal year, as our coffers had been depleted from support to the Decatur County General Hospital. 

3. Discussion on approval for a fire station in the Fisherdale area.

4. Approval for the engagement of an attorney to address the delinquent taxes – this is an annual obligation for the County through the Trustee’s office.

5. Resolution urging the State General Assembly to adopt an equitable distribution of local sales tax revenue derived from out-of-state sellers. The aim of this action is to fairly address the distribution of taxes from Internet sales. 

6. Approval for proposed amendments to the 2019-2020 budget, which include requests from most of the departments county-wide. 

I urge all citizens to make an effort to attend the Commission meeting in person, so that you may hear the discussion and be an active part of your government. I hope to see you there!


March Is Coming In Like A LION!

"It comes in like a Lion, and goes out like a Lamb," is the old adage describing the mercurial nature of the month of March. The March of 2019 has lived up to its reputation and proved its violent nature with the near-record breaking floods. 

With approximately 55 miles of riverfront property on the Tennessee River, as well as many creeks and tributaries, Decatur County has been devastated in part by the massive floods. The personnel of our Decatur County's EMA, under the leadership of Andrew Sparks, is to be commended for their non-stop, difficult tasks of rescuing people and their animals stranded by the waters. 

Even with the disaster and clean-up we face, the business of the county still goes on. The Commission's Budget Committee met for 2 days meeting with each department head to discuss the needs of their offices. See the Newsletter section for detailed analysis. The full Commission met on Monday Feb 25 ad discussed the proposed amendments submitted by each department head, approving all but one. Further reporting on this meeting can also be found in the Newsletter section. 

This first week in  March is filled with meetings at the State Capitol. Every county commissioner and mayor has been invited to attend meetings in Nashville and to sit in on sessions of the Senate and House of the General Assembly. I plan to attend these proceedings and am honored to see Governor Bill Lee's State of the State address. 

You'll also notice that below I have provided links to the messages and newsletters from our State and Federal Senators and Congressmen. Their updates give us a view of the issues being discussed in Washington, D.C. which will affect your state, county and families. I urge you to click the links and follow each. 

Remember to watch the Commission meetings on TNL Today and subscribe to The Newsleader for in-depth reporting on issues affecting you. Keep up with the latest news on WKJQ-FM 97.3 and Tennessee River Valley News online. Please support our local media as they provide such a valuable resource for us all. 

 I hope you have a healthy and happy March!

April W. Barrett 

Commissioner, District 8