News From Your Commissioner


The Cost of Maintenance

As you will read several of the county's buildings need extensive and costly repair. In the past, Decatur County has not wanted to address the fact that our costs exceed our revenues. Prior Commissions have not wanted to consider tax increases – no one likes the thought of higher taxes. Yet, we have failed to keep up with the increasing costs of repairs, supplies, and general operations. 

In trying to keep taxes low, we have underfunded the County’s funds and caused every department to run on unrealistic budgets. There simply has been no money available for continued maintenance, repairs and certainly not new parts. We have been so “broke” that we cannot fund a maintenance department and have one man to service the entire county. Needless to say, we operate on an emergency status situation where we are addressing only the most critical problems.  These buildings, along with the destruction at Beech Bend Park, exemplify this critical condition.

Over the next week, the commission will be discussing the budget for 2019-2020.  We will have to decide to either address our financial situation responsibly or we will be forced to cut important services necessary for our safety and standard of living 


It's Summertime!

It’s summertime and that means it’s camp time for the kids! There are several different types of camp activities here in the county for your kids to enjoy.  Check out these from UT Parsons!

Kid College 2019

It's A Jungle Out There!  Camps begin  June 24 - 27 at University of Tennessee at Martin - Parsons Campus.   

Click here for more information.

Kid College

Become A Junior Ranger


This year's UTM Parsons Kids College Happy Campers have the opportunity to join the ranks and become a Junior Ranger and earn an official badge. Opportunities to learn all about this area's climate, animals, and terrain will be available, while enjoying activities in the great outdoors. Campers will earn various badges for hands-on nature activities, exploring during scavenger hunts, and fun outdoorsy activities and games. Real park rangers will be available to teach campers about how to respect and care for the environment; as well as, learning useful skills like identifying poison oak and how to watch out for snakes! Junior Rangers are also allowed access to special programs and prizes and will even receive a real Junior Ranger badge. If you want to help make a difference in the great outdoors, this is the program for you!

Instructor:  Amanda Pearcy

Don't Throw That Away


Did you know, a plastic bottle you throw in the trash today will sit in a landfill or float in the ocean for thousands of years? As brutal as it may seem, it's true. We don't know what the earth or humans will look like a thousand years from now, but the plastic bottle will remain the same. At this camp we will learn all about recycling...what happens to the things we put in our recycling bin, how they are reused, and what things we use every day are made from recycled material. We will make really cool crafts out of recycled material...things like a broken jewelry, egg cartons, old t-shirts, bottles...the possibilities are endless! We will learn how to reduce the extras to less and make more use of things we already have. We will play games and have activities that will help us remember the things we have learned. Come and join us for a week of recycling fun!

Instructor:  Whitney Crider

Wild About Animals


Come join us as we set off on an exploration to learn about animals! As we navigate through the jungle, we will search for animals and learn about their habitats as we go. Throughout our journey we will read books, go on adventures, and craft our very own jungle animals. What will we find? Who will we see? Gear up, this class is WILD about animals!

Instructor:  Cary Haggard Bivens

Unmasking Theatre Fun


Ancient Greek actors wore masks at the dawn of Theatre, and masks remain a useful acting tool today. Your child will design and create their own mask which we will use to unleash their creativity. In this fun class, we will use the masks to make acting accessible to the child by utilizing fun, collaborative games and exercises which teach the values of cooperating, listening, and creating. Students should wear non-restrictive clothing in which they can easily move, and be prepared to have fun and acquire self-confidence and communication skills which will benefit them the rest of their lives.Top of Form.

Instructor:  Shane Bridges