Holidays, Commemorations & Awareness Dates


APRIL is the fourth month of our calendar year.  It is typically the month we consider the beginning of Spring.  However, April is also known for its showers and rains that prepare the land for planting season.   The name "April" means, Spring, Beginnings and, Starting Anew.  Appropriately it is the celebratory month for the following:


  • Scottish-American Heritage Month
  • National Jazz Appreciation Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Humor Month


  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Lawn and Garden Month
  • National Garden Month
  • National Straw Hat Month


  • National Child Abuse Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • National Autism Awareness Month
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month
  • National Donate Life Awareness Month
  • National Safe Digging Month
  • Stress Awareness Month


  • National Volunteer Month
  • National Inventor’s Month
  • National Landscape Architecture Month
  • National Welding Month
  • Occupational Therapy Month
  • Records and Information Management Month

And, of course, FOODS!

  • National Soft Pretzel Month
  • National Soy Foods Month


Looking for a Special Day to Celebration?  Try one of these!

      April   1st   National One Cent Day   National Sourdough Bread Day   April Fools Day   April 2nd   National Reconciliation Day   National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day   National Ferret Day   SAAM Day   of Action – First Tuesday in April   April 3rd   National   Film Score Day   National Tweed Day   National Chocolate Mousse Day   National Find a Rainbow Day   National Walking Day – First   Wednesday in April   Childhelp National Day of Hope –   First Wednesday in April   April 4th   National   Vitamin C Day *   National Walk Around Things Day   National Hug a Newsperson Day   National School Librarian Day   National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day   Jeep 4x4   Day    National   Burrito Day – First Thursday in April   April 5th   National   Flash Drive Day *   National Go For Broke Day   National Caramel Day   National Read a Road Map Day   National Raisin and Spice Bar Day   National Deep Dish Pizza Day   National   Nebraska Day   April 6th   National Sorry Charlie Day   New Beer’s Eve   National Caramel Popcorn Day   National Student-Athlete Day   National Teflon Day   National Tartan Day   National Love Our Children Day –   First Saturday In April   April 7th   National Beer Day   National Coffee Cake Day   National No Housework Day   National   Girl Me Too Day   National   Handmade Day   April 8th   National All is Ours Day   National Zoo Lovers Day   National Empanada Day   April 9th   National Cherish an Antique Day   National Name Yourself Day   National Winston Churchill Day   National Chinese Almond Cookie Day   National   Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day   National Library Workers Day –   Tuesday of National Library Week   April 10th   National Encourage a Young Writer Day   National Siblings Day   National Cinnamon Crescent Day   National Farm Animals Day   National Bookmobile   Day – Wednesday of National Library Week   April 11th   National Barber Shop Quartet Day   National Submarine Day   National Teach Children to Save Day   National Eight Track Tape Day   National Pet Day   National Cheese Fondue Day   National   Support Teen Literature Day – Thursday of National Library Week   National Alcohol Screening   Day  – Thursday of First Full Week in April   April 12th   National Big Wind Day   National Licorice Day   National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day   National   Colorado Day   National Day of Silence – Changes   Annually April 12, 2019   National   Teach Children To Save Day – Changes Annually April 12, 2019   April 13th   National Scrabble Day   National Thomas Jefferson Day   National Peach Cobbler Day   National   Make Lunch Count Day   National   Record Store Day   April 14th   National   Gardening Day    National Reach as High as You Can Day   National Pan American Day   National Ex Spouse Day   National Dolphin Day   National Pecan Day   April 15th   National Tax Day   National Take a Wild Guess Day   National Rubber Eraser Day   National Titanic Remembrance Day   National Glazed Spiral Ham Day   National   Education and Sharing Day – Changes Annually (11th of Nissan in   the Israel Calendar) April 15, 2019   April 16th   National   Orchid Day   National Eggs Benedict Day   National Wear Your Pajamas to Work    Day   National Healthcare Decisions Day   National   Bean Counter Day   April 17th   National Bat Appreciation Day   National Ellis Island Family History Day   National Haiku Poetry Day   National Cheeseball Day   April 18th   National Lineman Appreciation Day   National Columnists’ Day   National Animal Crackers Day   National High Five Day – Third   Thursday in April   Get to   Know Your Customers Day – Third Thursday of Each Quarter   National Poem In Your Pocket Day –   Changes Annually   April 19th   National Hanging Out Day   National   Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day   National Garlic Day   National Amaretto Day   National   North Dakota Day   April 20th   National   Cheddar Fries Day   National Look Alike Day   National Lima Bean Respect Day   National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day   National Auctioneers Day – Third   Saturday in April   April 21st   National Kindergarten Day   National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day   National   Yellow Bat Day   Easter –   Changes Annually April 2019   April 22nd   National Earth Day   National Girl Scout Leader’s Day   National Jelly Bean Day   April 23rd   National Talk Like Shakespeare Day   National Picnic Day   National Take a Chance Day   National Cherry Cheesecake Day   National Lost Dogs Awareness Day   April 24th   National Pigs in a Blanket Day   National   Administrative Professionals’ Day – Wednesday of Last Full Week  in   April   April 25th   National Telephone Day   National East Meets West Day   National Zucchini Bread Day   National DNA Day   National Hug a Plumber Day   National   Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – Fourth Thursday in April   April 26th   National Audubon Day   National   Dissertation Day   National Richter Scale Day   National Kids and Pets Day   National Pretzel Day   National Help a Horse Day   National   South Dakota Day   National Arbor Day – Last Friday in   April   National   Hairball Awareness Day – Last Friday in April   April 27th   National   Babe Ruth Day   National Tell a Story Day   National Prime Rib Day   National   Devil Dog Day    National Rebuilding Day – Last   Saturday in April   National   Sense of Smell Day – Last Saturday in April   National   Pool Opening Day – Last Saturday in April   National   Kiss of Hope Day – Last Saturday in April   April 28th   National   Superhero Day   National Blueberry Pie Day   National Great Poetry Reading Day   Workers’ Memorial Day   National BraveHearts Day   National Pet Parents Day – Last   Sunday in April   April 29th   National Peace Rose Day   National Zipper Day   National Shrimp Scampi Day   April 30th   National   Bubble Tea Day   National Sarcoidosis Day   National   Military Brats Day   National PrepareAthon!   Day   National Honesty Day   National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day   National Bugs Bunny Day   National Hairstylist Appreciation Day   National Oatmeal Cookie Day   National Raisin Day     

To find out all of the fun celebrations,  click below!